It has come to our attention that many of you would like

     definitions for some of the terms.  Although some things

     you hear in this industry, we have found to have many

     definitions, I will list what we feel is the correct version.



    Standard Escort:   

                Also referred to as escort or escorting.   This is what most people want.  It is a

                one to one, more personal visit.  It includes lingerie modeling, nude modeling,

                and companionship for the $90 an hour rate.   Additional services are

               available but those are ONLY discussed in person with the girl of your choice.


      Dancing or Dancer:

                          This is for a party of 3 or more clients.  Birthday parties, Bachelor Parties, and

                  Strip-O-Grams are ideas for a dancer.  The Dancer will Dance down to Topless or Nude.

                       There is no extra fees involved for nude over topless, it is your choice.


         Date Call:

                          Also referred to as Dates.  This is for those clients who want to take a Lady out on

                   the town.  Dinner and a movie, Club Dancing, Formal Functions and Dances, Office

                   Parties, Business Functions, Holiday Happenings, etc....  These are things done on a

                  date call.  ALL clothing stays ON at all times!  If, at some point during the date you wish

                  to switch to an escort call, the $90 an hour rate will kick in.



                            This is a one to one or for couples service.  This is where the girl will dress up in

                    costume or play a game.  An example of Role-Play would be the Naughty Nurse or

                    Flirty Little Schoolgirl.



                             This is where the LADY is Dominate over the Client.  Spanking, whippings, bondage,

                      and man-servant are ideas for Domination.



                     Also referred to as Sub.  This is where the CLIENT is Dominate over the Lady.

                        This does NOT mean you can do what ever you want to with the girl or that she

                        will do whatever you tell her.  There are safety precautions the girls take and limits

                        each has, please respect these, or you will be banned.



                               We come to you, either your house or Hotel.


              Travel Fee:

                          This is an additional small fee that is charged if the girl has to travel outside the

                          Bloomington or Ellettsville area.  How much depends on how far you are away.  Call

                          for a quote.



                                   Some clients choose to Tip a girl for gratuity reasons.  Girls get tips that range

                           from $1 on up. 


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   You MUST be 18+ to use or work for this group.  We are a Drug free Group.  No drug use will be tolerated by

  the Ladies/Gentlemen or by the company in it's contractors.  Although clients many consume alcohol, NO

  alcohol will be consumed by the provider during work time.   It is to be COMPLETELY understood that any

  fees, tips, moneys, or material gifts given to the provider are for their time, travel, and companionship and in

  NO WAY are for sex, prostitution, lude and lascivious behavior, or ANY illegal activity.  This is NOT an offer

  or solicitation for prostitution or illegal activities.  Please remember that each of us is an individual and therefore

  will not always offer the same services as another provider.  Client discretion and privacy are ALWAYS most

  important to us, and NO information will be shared with anyone.  We ask that you do the same.